Digital Security Pantograph - Our Digital

Security Pantograph is one of the best received

security measures for hard copy documents. The

original shows a flat or patterned background

while a photocopy reveals a hidden message

or graphic.

Digital Prismatic Print - Digital Prismatic

Printing takes the Standard Security Pantograph

up a notch. It blends two or more ink colors

seamlessly. Not only are the aesthetics more

visually appealing, but it is also more difficult

to reproduce.

Digital Image Pantograph - One of the newest

technologies in the inkjet world of print is the

Digital Image Pantograph. This allows you the

freedom to create working, secure pantographs

out of photographs or a multi-tonal graphic. Not only

does this appear as a smooth photograph, it is

very effective combating counterfeiting. The

benefit to printing the Digital Image Pantograph

on the inkjet platform is the option to print

in full color opposed to just 1 ink color on offset.

A Digital Verification Grid is a lightly screened pattern or letters that create a grid feature. The DVG can be

placed anywhere on the document and is designed to work in conjunction with the Security Pantograph.

On the original, you can plainly see the designed pattern, but on a photocopy attempt, the Verification Grid

disappears and drops out of the document. Some counterfeiters, in an attempt to not trigger the Security Pantograph,

will try to "lighten" the settings of the photocopier. With the Digital Verification Grid in place, this is near impossible.

Digital Verification Grid

MicroPrint Text is very small text that appears as a standard "line" when looking with the naked eye.

Once magnified, you can read small text that most photocopiers cannot reproduce. On a photocopied

document, the MicroPrint Text appears as a blurred line which is not legible.

MicroPrint Text

Digital HALO

Digital HALO belongs in our family of authentication technologies. It is a patented covert security feature such that

computers, scanners, photocopiers and printers cannot duplicate the hidden security feature. The Digital HALO security

features can be authenticated using a proprietary lens. One outstanding security advantage of the Digital HALO is that

multiple security images/words etc. can be stacked one on top of the other in the same

printed area - thereby defeating even the most determined forgers.

Security Pantographs

A Security Pantograph is the baseline of securing hard copy documents. It is a great foundation to build

multiple layers of security over. The Security Pantograph is a screened background that contains hidden

words or graphics. The original appears smooth while a photocopy reveals the security phrase.