General Technology Overview

Digital Security Pantograph (DSP)

DSP's provide versatility and

security for all of your valuable


Digital Verification Grid (DVG)

When using DVG's, you know instantly if

the document is authentic. Without the

screened grid in the background, the

document is a photocopy.

Micro-Print Text (MP)

MP is micro-sized text which usually

appears as a line. An authentic document

would have legible text when magnified

while an illegal copy would not be legible

and appear as a dotted or blurred line.

HALO Covert Security Feature

The HALO feature instantly shows if

you are dealing with a counterfeit. One

look through a decoder lens confirms

the document's authenticity.

Prismatic Print

Prismatic Print blends two or more colors

in the security screen which makes it very

difficult for counterfeiter's to re-create.






Advanced Technology Overview

Digital Image Pantograph (DIP)

One of Arcis' newest technologies

is the Digital Image Pantograph. Not only does this add beautiful aesthetics to any document, but it is also much more difficult to reproduce by would-be counterfeiters. The vast array of darks and lights and full color display make it almost impossible to duplicate the document without looking like an obvious fake.

DUPE PROOFTM is the Industry Standard

for Document Security. Every day, millions

of documents are printed using the

DUPE PROOFTM suite of securities. When

securing your important and valuable

documents, make certain it is DUPE PROOFTM.